Sandra Rouse-Nuss
09/24/2010 9:38pm

Nice Site,
I went to school with Michael in Ione California. He was Harry Parks then. I graduated from Ione Union High School in 1956 with his sister Carole. He was a couple of years behind me in school and got married when he was 16 and left school. The next thing we heard about him was that he was in the movies. He played lots of sports and was popular in school but never would have guessed he would become an actor. I have year book photos of him on my flickr website.

Looking forward to seeing more on this site.
Sandra Rouse-Nuss

12/08/2012 8:04pm

I have always loved Michael's music and character acting.

09/25/2010 12:19pm

I really enjoyed looking at those early photos of Michael Thanks for putting the link on here.

10/08/2010 10:51pm

Wow, re-watching the video clips really reminds one what a very versatile actor Michael is. Love the gentle side and how he can speak volumes with those beautiful eyes.

10/24/2010 3:04pm

Have been following Michael his entire career. Love his acting, and enjoy his voice and arrangements of his recordings. How can I find any available recordings?

10/25/2010 4:36pm

To Eats,
I found his LP albums on ebay -then had them converted to CDs by:
Vinyl Conversion Wizard
Vinyl Revival!
(408) 314-2924
This guy does a great job.
Also, some songs are available in mp3.
Thanks for visiting,

10/25/2010 4:42pm

To Sandra Rouse_Nuss,
Thanks for your 'personal touch' info. So interesting! Also, loved the pictures you posted on flickr.

Mike D
11/01/2010 5:45pm

He does have a phenomenal screen presence. He's able to fill silent pauses with realistic nuances of the personality and mood he's portraying. His timing and delivery are perfection. And for his tough-guy roles, I've never heard an actor curse as creatively as Parks on screen.

11/01/2010 5:46pm

Awesome site! Thanks so much. I especially love the song section! I'll definately be back soon!

Janet V.
11/02/2010 3:13pm

Love this guy! I've wondered what happened to him- now I know. So glad he's still around. Thanks!

Wanda B
11/02/2010 4:00pm

It would be great to see a remake of "Then Came Bronson". There's never been a series quite like it since then. If there was a remake, Michael Parks should be in it also.

Jen O'Shea
11/15/2010 10:25pm

Thanks for the fan site. I've never searched out info on an actor before, but Parks is such an incredible talent and none of my friends know who he is. I'd take Parks over Eastwood any day!

John Hames
12/19/2010 3:05pm

I'm amazed I don't know more about M Parks !
I promise to really paya attention from now ON.

02/23/2011 1:52am

The surest way of spoiling a pleasure is to start examining your satisfaction.

Susan Bergen
02/26/2011 7:35am

What a man, they don't make them like him anymore, I've loved him since I was a young girl, watched all his shows, bought all his music, I'm glad he's still active and awesome. I wish I could meet him. He's such an incredible actor.

04/27/2011 4:50pm

What young girl didn't have a crush on Michael Parks back then? And he is still very handsome and charismatic in his later years. He never got the recognition he deserved. I've always wondered if he was as nice as he was talented -or another Hollywood jerk...who knows...well either way, he's a great actor. Glad he's still around.

09/26/2011 7:31pm

Great site for a great actor. Thanks. I'll be back to visit more.

10/02/2011 5:40pm

I love Michael Parks I have all the then came bronson movies.He is so handsome I am trying to get all his movies.just wondering if he is still married and just how tall he really is and if he really plays a guitar.I love coming to this site Thank You for it.

10/24/2011 7:08pm

To Debbie,
I have seen a lot of his old movies on And you can get a lot of info about different stars on That site says he is 6'1". I think he is still married- his 3rd I've read. I don't think he plays the guitar.

10/29/2011 7:43am

just wondering if you have anymore new stuff on Michael Parks? Interviews,songs, movies what ever.I cannot get enough of reading about this man or his songs and movies

10/29/2011 1:38pm

Well..hang in there!

11/08/2011 4:35pm

I first saw MP on The Wild Seed. Followed him on TCB. Am STILL following him . And, to have him play one of my fav authors - Ambrose Bierce - I does'nt get any better !

11/15/2011 4:30pm

hello I am looking to buy some movies with michael parks I am looking for the one called REWARD can you tell me were I can go to get this movie at do you sell any of his movies I have all the Then Came Bronson and about 10 other movies of his. I am trying to get as meny of his movies as I can.

Duke S
11/20/2011 7:55pm

Awesome actor and awesome site. Thanks! Will be back to look at more.

11/28/2011 4:54pm

To Debbie,
Thanks for visiting MP4U.
"Reward" took a long time to find. We haven't looked lately but the one we found (which is not a great copy) took about 2 years to locate and I think we just got lucky.
Unfortunately, we cannot sell anything here. It's just a fan site to enjoy. However, there are two clips of "Reward" on video page 13 under 1980:
We are still looking for several of Michael's TV appearances ourselves.
Since we're always searching for MP stuff, If you send us your email address to: and what movies you're looking for (including Reward) - when/if and where we find them, we'll email you.
In case you don't know, here's a list of his movies and TV roles:
If you find any that we don't have clips of, please let us know as well.
Thank you,

Paula Jensen
02/16/2012 1:04pm

I've been watching Michael Parks, the actor, on TV since the 1980s especially on The Colbys. If I was Katharine Ross, I would have thrown Charlton Heston over for Michael Parks any day of the week and then some! Recently I was blown away to discover his incredible talent as a singer. It just proves how greatly he excelled as an actor that I never pictured him as something more than that. Keep posting more videos of him! If you could find a clip from his appearance on Murder She Wrote that would be great!

02/25/2012 8:49am

We do have a couple short clips from "Murder She Wrote". We hope to post in the next few wks.

03/11/2013 5:28pm

Would you happen to know where I can get the Coolin' Soup cd?

03/23/2012 12:27pm

Please forgive me if you think this is wrong to ask.But I have been reading a lot of stuff about Michael Parks and what I read was that his daughter was killed in a car accident if this is true when and how old was she?I also read that his 3rd wife had 2 children before thay got married will one of the children be James Parks.who is his real Mother.did his 3rd wife have 2 children of her own and James Parks by Michael Parks.If yo uknow this but dont want to put it on the broad yo ucan E-mail me at I would really like to know.Thank You

David Keilman
03/31/2012 5:09am

I recently discovered a couple of his old albums on iTunes. Much better sound now than my 35+ year old 70's 8-tracks.

Paula Jensen
07/27/2012 6:38pm

Dear Sam, I've been checking your website every so often for a clip of Michael Parks' appearance on Murder She, Wrote. Its been more than a few weeks. Have you run into licensing or copyright issues regarding these clips? Please let me know. Thanks.

10/11/2012 6:37pm

This is a man I would very much want to hear and see much more often. I think he is sorely not acknowledged enough. I have admired him since I saw him on Here Comes Bronson.

01/14/2013 12:51am

This is a fantastic site!!! I've spent the last several hrs here & will be back.

01/14/2013 12:58am

Cool video clips. So may sites have too much text but this one is great. It has everything an MP fan would want. Will you be putting any Red State clips on here?

01/14/2013 12:59am

I didn't see him in Argo. Was he in it? He's one of the reasons I went.

02/24/2013 10:16pm

What a wonderful trip down memory lane this site has been. You have done a great job. Michael Parks is a wonderful talent and deserves to have his work remembered and enjoyed. Thank You!

05/08/2013 10:05pm

A fan of Michael's since Then Came Bronson, and love his singing. Where is the song with words "ride in my little red wagon". I remember it because my parents had that song on a record, but he sang it sooo much better. Good to hear he is still around !

Daniel R. Shirley
05/11/2013 5:09am

In 1973 I used to pump gas for Mr. Parks at the Mobil station at the bottom of San Marcos Pass in Santa Barbara. I remembered him from the 'Then Came Bronson' t.v. series a few years earlier. He was very friendly. Years later when I would see him in movies I would always point him out and tell everyone, especially my kids, about pumping gas for him. I was glad to see him get his own starring role in Red State and enjoyed the movie. I am looking forward to the new movie.


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