08/22/2010 11:10pm

This is a very nice site. I think Michael would be pleased.

12/08/2012 8:07pm

I was so much a fan that I saved and purchased a Harley Sporster and copied the eye on the tank. I must have put 25,000 miles on that bike.
Those were the days.

08/26/2010 3:10pm

Michael and I worked on a film together in Brackettville, Texas. It was a great expierence for me, and the best time of my life. Thanks for the memories.

Jackie Stock
09/03/2010 4:52am

What a wonderful tribute to Michael Parks!

09/14/2010 8:31am

I see you've added some new things since my last visit. Amazing how he can look so different in his various roles. A sign of a great actor in my book!

Donna Campbell
09/14/2010 12:52pm

I know this guy. I love his acting. Didn't realize he was a singer too...but love his acting..he is consistantly good no matter what the part...glad to read about him and you've made a good site...dlcsoup

09/15/2010 10:49am

Great site loved meeting Michael in LA at one of the celebrity shows. Still so handsome and that dark mysterious way he has about him Wish he would do more acting.

09/18/2010 1:16pm

Wonderful site. Thanks for having this site. I love Then Came Bronson! Michael Parks is one of our early heros.

09/21/2010 4:19pm

Lovely site..........I will be back, J.

09/25/2010 12:14pm

Was watching another video today from TCB show. It was strange to see him smoking in the scene by the lake. I forgot characters on TV and in movies used to smoke 'back in the day'.

I enjoy the videos a lot.

09/28/2010 6:18pm

I remember this guy and the show very well. We all wanted to be Bronson. My sister had a couple of his albums and played them all the time. Great site! Always wondered what happened to him. Good to see he's still around and still in the business.I couldn't get some of the clips to play, so will try again later.

Jen B.
10/03/2010 5:19pm

Good to see one of the 'greats' is alive and well-and still acting. I don't like horror films though...

Don Collins
10/16/2010 11:30am

Michael got Me into a lifetime of riding motorcycles because of Then Came Bronson. My Bronson replica bike was featured this month in MOTORCYCLE CLASSICS magazine(9-10). I have become close friends with Birney Jarvis, the former hells Angel whose life inspired the television series.

10/25/2010 5:00pm

Thanks for all the comments. Please visit often. New stuff coming soon.

Larry Melton; THANKS for the pictures -they're on the photo page. Click on "photos" under "Michael Parks" on the Home page.

Sam (MP4U admin)

10/27/2010 11:35pm

To Don Collins:
I have that Motorcycle Classics magazine. I bought it after I saw it mentioned on TCB facebook. Great article, pictures and bike!
Birney Jarvis? Please tell him 'hello' from MP4U.

11/04/2010 10:01pm

I love the new additions to your site!!! Michael Must be proud of all the fabulous work you have done for him!!!

iwao nakamura
11/12/2010 2:43am

i am a japanese.
i watched "Then came bronson" on TV 35 years before..

i want to be Bronson yet..

vince in IL
12/22/2010 6:56pm

I remember as a young boy watching TCB when it was on TV in the late 1960s. I especially remember the opening scenes, and decades later I enjoyed riding my own motorcycle along the Great Highway and across the Bixby Creek Bridge. It's great to relive old memories!

I am trying to find the lyrics to California's Fine? Google is of no help, LOL.

Anyone know where I might find them? Feel free to email me!

Thanks for a great site!


12/27/2010 5:35pm

I posted an inquiry on a few TCB and Michael Parks sites (re: looking for "California's Fine" lyrics).
And ahhh...yes, riding the great highway... I believe TCB can be credited for a lot of rides across the beautiful Bixby Bridge as well as the love to ride the long (not-so-lonesome) highway. Lucky you to have had that experience.
Sam from MP4U

Ken Kyzer
12/30/2010 3:20am

Another fine Then Came Bronson site. It is a shame American TV at the time did not realize what they had. Jim had an influence on thousands of people. Thanks for the great Michael Parks info.

01/01/2011 7:38pm

Never missed a Bronson episode. Why he didn't become a bigger star, I'll never know. I didn't know he was in all these other TV shows and movies. I enjoyed the clips the most.

Terry wilshaw
01/02/2011 6:33am

I like this show, but never saw the show on our TV ,in the UK.
only time i saw it adverted was in london only TV. not nationwide.
thanks for showing it.

02/06/2011 6:40am

Good to know that Mr. Parks still kicking around. Thought he was great well before Tarantino latched on and still have the albums (Blue and LLHwy). Wish I could find somewhere that someone had plotted out the tabs for Long Lonesome Highway on the guitar. Playing that on the guitar is on my bucket list.
The writing on Bronsen was just light enough to not overwhelm a shy teen and show a way to go through the world and make it worthwhile learning to relate to people. Doubt it would have worked as well without someone as talented in the Mr. Parks in the lead.

Tim in ohio
02/28/2011 4:18pm

I just got my first pc and went looking for a TCB site. This is perfect. The video clips are golden. I saw the show when it first came out at age 15. Had my first Harley at 19-1974FXE. Keep up this wonderful work!

PS. Michael Parks' TCB acting is smooth. This guy is really "The King of Cool"!!!

04/24/2011 9:39am

I like this website. Of course, when I was young (ah!) I loved TCB. Had a huge crush on Michael. How is his personal life now? Married? Children?


04/27/2011 4:39pm

Great site! When will you adding new stuff? There's more of Parks' songs than are on here. I hope you'll be putting those on also.

07/02/2011 6:40pm

I just returned to Calif. from the Then Came Bronson reunion in Montrose, Colo. I have Bronson to thank for starting my life in motorcycles. I ride, race, collect and restore old bikes. I am building a Bronson replica sportster and I'd love to have Michael Parks ride it. I thank God every day for what motorcycles have done for me.

09/27/2011 9:46am

I have been a Michael Parks fan since the Bronson days, and am happy he's finally getting noteworthy attention, long overdue.
Thanks for hanging in there, Michael.

Debbie T
10/03/2011 5:41pm

Wondering what kind of a bike Bronson rode throughout the show. Was it a Sportster??


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